Project Implementation

FORBIO consortium will execute the project's tasks based on the following Work Packages


WP1 - Coordination and Management

Its objective is to ensure and efficient and effective implementation of the FORBIO project, WP Leader - WIP Renewable Energies

WP2 - Agronomic and techno-economic feasibility

Its objective is to evaluate the agronomic and techno-economic potential of the selected advanced bioenergy value chains in the identified sites of the target countries, WP Leader - Biochemtex

WP3 - Sustainability assessment of the selected bioenergy pathways in the case study sites

The objective is the assessment of the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the selected advanced bioenergy value chains in the target countries, WP Leader - FAO

WP4 - Identification and removal of barriers to the market uptake of the bioenergy in the case studies

The objectives are the analysis of the economic and non-economic barriers to the market uptake of the selected sustainable bioenergy technologies in the case study sites; exchange of information on Best practices for bioenergy policies, regulations and support schemes which allow the most sustainable and efficient use of bio-resources from under-utilized land; development of strategies to remove the afore-mentioned barriers, including identification of roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders.WP Leader - FAO

WP5 - Knowledge transfer and capacity development for innovative value chains

The objectives of the actions are to encourage the European farmers and owners of contaminated lands in the selected sites to start actions concerning the production of non-food bioenergy by showing the results of the project case study assessments, also to replicate the knowledge gained on these sites to other regions or countries and building capacity for relevant stakeholders in order to enable them to set up sustainable bioenergy supply chains, WP Leader - WIP Renewable Energies

WP6 - Dissemination and Exploitation

Its objectives are to maximise the project’s visibility and spread pertinent information on its goals, activities and results to the relevant stakeholders and the wider public, thereby fostering the engagement of the target groups in FORBIO’s activities as well as the exploitation of its outcomes, WP Leader - Geonardo