• FORBIO key results

    30 January 2019
    The FORBIO project concluded with the following key results: In Germany, post-mining location in Welzow-Süd Post-mining landscapes, like lignite mining site Welzow-Süd, offer good conditions for the cultivation of various energy crops, e.g. Sorghum, Lucerne or black locust. German agro-economical study shows that Sorghum and Lucerne can be integrated into the…
  • FORBIO concludes and follow-up project BIOPLAT-EU launches

    31 December 2018
    The FORBIO project was successfully finished on 31 December 2018. The project results are synthesed and further used in the follow-up BIOPLAT-EU H2020 project (Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based Platform for Europe), which will take into consideration the bankability aspects of bioenergy value…
  • FORBIO final project meeting and workshop with GBEP in Rome at FAO

    30 November 2018
    The last project meeting of FORBIO and its related final workshop in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Global Bioenergy Partnership was held on 26-27 November 2018 at the FAO Headquarters in Rome. The invitation flyer with the agenda and some pictures can be found below.
  • FORBIO Consortium photo was selected as the header picture of Cordis Twitter

    2 November 2018
    The Cordis Twitter with the FORBIO themed header picture can be accessed at: (last update at 30 October 2018.
  • FORBIO Coordinator WIP presenting the project at the SEEMLA – ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Workshop event taking place in Brussels on 20-21 November 2018

    11 October 2018
    The ADVANCEFUEL project aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the future energy mix by increasing the share of sustainable advanced biofuels and renewable alternative fuels in the final EU transport energy consumption. The whole value chain is assessed in the course of the project and ADVANCEFUEL will…
  • EUSurvey FORBIO Questionnaire is available now in Italian language

    6 September 2018
  • Market barriers, feedstock availability & suitability for advanced biofuels - Invitation to the ADVANCEFUEL Event

    2 September 2018
    The ADVANCEFUEL project would like to invite you to the first stakeholder workshop on 20th September 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden with the objective to discuss the newest project results with market players from the renewable transport fuel sector.
  • FORBIO synergies with the LIBBIO project

    1 August 2018
    Andes Lupin (Lupinus mutabilis, tarwi) has the ability to fix nitrogen, mobilise soil phosphate and has low nutritional requirements for cultivation. Varieties of the plant give high yield of green silage or high yield of seeds which contain more than 20% oil, more than 40% protein and the remaining materials…
  • Survey on overall exploitation strategy of marginal lands

    18 July 2018
    Our partner project SEEMLA published its survey review to gain information about experiences with marginal lands in general and the exploitation of marginal land for biomass production. Answering the questions may take approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the reply. The questionnaire can be accessed here:
  • FORBIO Final Project Workshop event to be organised at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy on 26-28 November 2018

    29 June 2018
    In conjunction with the annual meeting of the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), the final FORBIO project workshop will be organised to be attended by representatives of several countries and international organizations, in addition to relevant stakeholders from the project target countries. In order to facilitate an even broader participation and…
  • Hungarian FORBIO capacity building event among the EUSEW Energy Days

    22 May 2018
    The Hungarian FORBIO Capacity building event organised by Geonardo Ltd. was selected and promoted as one of the distinguished Energy Days of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. Details of the event can be found here:
  • 2nd SEEMLA international symposium to be held in Copenhagen on 15 May 2018

    27 April 2018
    Our partner project SEEMLA (Sustainable biomass production from marginal lands: potentialities and challenges in he European context) is going to be represented at the 2018 EUBCE event.
  • High interest at the Ukrainian FORBIO capacity building event organised by SecBIO in Kyiv

    12 March 2018
    The national FORBIO capacity building event "Energy crops from cultivation to utilization. Foreign and domestic experience" on 21 February, 2018 brought together more than 100 participants, including representatives of agrarian companies, farmers, representatives of scientific institutes of agrarian and technical direction, as well as representatives of business, consulting and the…
  • Demonstrating the Feasibility of Commercial Scale Biorefinery Projects

    6 February 2018
    The ultimate goal of the BIOFOREVER project is to have one or more bio-based value chains commercialised in Europe. . So far 20 European sites have shown an interest to develop and host a biorefinery project. 5 sites have been selected to do a ‘deep dive’ in order to assess…
  • ETIP Bioenergy releases its position paper on RED II

    16 January 2018
    The European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy) has released its position paper outlining some key recommendations for the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). ETIP Bioenergy is a platform that brings together relevant actors from academia, industry, and civil society, engaged in the development of sustainable bioenergy and…
  • FORBIO M26 project meeting to be held by SECBio in Kiev, Ukraine

    3 December 2017
    The Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass” Ltd. (SECBio) will host of the next project meeting (19 February 2018), to be followed up with a FORBIO capacity building & training event targeted to Ukrainian stakeholders.
  • Project study tour in the post-mining area in Welzow-Süd

    27 September 2017
    After the German stakeholder event in Finsterwalde, a special study tour was organised by FIB in the nearby post-mining area if Welzow-Süd, where the project partners and interested stakeholders could experience the reclamation activities that are continous on the surface of the opencast mining-pit. The study tour was initiated by…
  • FORBIO German Stakeholder event

    8 September 2017
    The M21 FORBIO project meeting was followed-up with the German stakeholder event, hosted by FIB in Finsterwalde. Presentations could be heard from WIP, FAO, FIB and several interested stakeholders and possible end-users had the chance to ask specific questions related to the German case studies. Our synergy project SEEMLA was…
  • Capacity building activities in FORBIO were initiated

    7 August 2017
    The main objective of FORBIO capacity building is to encourage the European farmers and owners of contaminated lands in the selected sites to start action concerning the production of non-food bioenergy. The initial assessment obtained during multi-stakeholder consultations and preliminary results for the Italian case study show the existence of…
  • New feasibility studies accomplished in FORBIO

    31 July 2017
    The technical and economic feasibility studies for Germany and Ukraine were prepared by WIP and SECBio. After the approval by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, the studies will be made available in the documents section of the FORBIO website.
  • FORBIO next project meeting to be held by FIB in Finsterwalde, Germany

    28 May 2017
    The Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften e.V (FIB) will be the host of the M21 project meeting (5-7 September 2017), which will be concluded with a FORBIO information day targeted to local stakeholders and followed up by a study-tour at a nearby post-mining location, as an example of underutilisied land practice.
  • FORBIO local info day and study tour in Ukraine organised by SECBio

    16 April 2017
    SECBio will organise a local stakeholder event within the FORBIO project in the framework of the Kyiv Bioenergy Conference between 19-21 September 2017. The workshop will be associated with an info-day in the study area in the Ivankiv region, located in Kyiv oblast. More information on the Kyiv Bioenergy Conference…
  • FORBIO project coordinator WIP Renewables will participate on a dedicated session at the EGU 2017, in April.

    6 March 2017
    FORBIO parellel project (under the same EU fundung topic) SEEMLA is organizing a meeting dedicated for scientist researching marginal land use options.
  • FORBIO was promoted on the Nyerő Magyarok Blog

    14 February 2017
    An interview was conducted with Mr. Péter Gyuris at the "Nyerő Magyarok" thematic blog about the FORBIO project. The blog article and the recorded interview can be found at the following link:
  • Italian technical and economical feasibility study is concluded

    19 January 2017
    The pubic document as Deliverable 2.2 can be donwloaded from the project website's document section.
  • Next batch of agronomic feasibility studies were successfully prepared in FORBIO

    20 December 2016
    The FORBIO agronomic feasibility studies for Germany and Ukraine were prepared by M12. The studies are available in the documents section of the FORBIO website.
  • Next project meeting scheduled for April 2017.

    14 November 2016
    The third project meeting will be organised by WIP (Coordinator) in Münich, Germany, on 11-12 April 2017.
  • FORBIO Sardinia stakeholder and project meeting - October 12-14, 2016

    14 September 2016
    On the course of stakeholder interaction the project consortia is hosting a meeting this October. The summary of the 3-day event: 1st day (12th of October) - FORBIO "internal" meeting 2nd day (13th of October) - Meeting key notes, panel and stakeholder discussions 3rd day (14th of October) - Research project presentations and…
  • FORBIO presented at the GBEP 4th Bioenergy Week - Budapest (Hungary)

    1 July 2016
    FORBIO consortium representatives Marco Colangeli (FAO) and Nicoleta Ion (ENERO) had been participating on the event hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary.
  • First agronomic feasibility study prepared in FORBIO

    27 June 2016
    The Italian agronomic feasibility study was prepared by M6. The document is available in the documents section of the FORBIO website for downloading.
  • FORBIO Data Management Plan prepared

    11 May 2016
    Geonardo Ltd prepared Deliverable 6.5 with the support of the FORBIO consortium to guide on how to publish, access, use and re-use of data that is generated in Work Packages 2 and 3. The document is going to be maintained until the end of the project with periodic updates.
  • The Project Dissemination Plan was prepared by Geonardo Ltd.

    12 April 2016
    The document introduces the protocols on the use of the dissemination and communication tools, also the means of including the project’s visual identity. Deliverable 6.4 will be regularly updated throughout the project's lifetime.
  • FORBIO Quality Assurance Plan delivered by M3

    16 March 2016
    The FORBIO Consortium prepared the Quality Assurance Plan deliverable about all the quality control mechanisms and protocols for the implementation of the project’s activities and production of the deliverables.
  • Project kick-off meeting concluded

    1 February 2016
    The FORBIO project kick-off meeting was hosted by Geonardo Ltd. on 14-15 January 2016 in Hungary, Budapest.
  • FORBIO Website launched

    21 January 2016
    The project website will host information on the project’s activities, achievements, events and outputs in the forecoming two years.